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Prayers of Affirmation: I am a Champion by Gabriel Olatuja

 Affirmation: I am a Champion

You know that many runners enter a race, and only one of them wins the prize. So run to win! (1 Corinthians 9:24, CEV). 

Championship is a condition of being a champion. A champion is the ultimate winner of a contest, battle or competitions. A champion is a victor and a triumph. The reason for a contest, competition, or battle is to get a winner who will win a prize. 


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You, were created a winner from the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ has won and defeated the world of sin, death, sickness, destruction and poverty for you. You are a champion, a Victor. You are a winner in life.

God's Will for you is to manifest his glory in this world. His will is for you, to win and become a champion. On the other hand, the enemy strifes to ensure that God's will for you doesn't come to pass. So it becomes a battle and competition between you and the enemy. But hear me, God has empowered you to win. 

You need to put the authority that you have been given to win to work by speaking God's words. You are a champion, a winner. Pray these prayers to cause everything work towards you. You were born to overcome in this world (1 John 5:4)


In Jesus name, I affirm that:

I am born to win and reign as a king.

I am an extra-ordinary man. I am destined for greatness.

I win every day. I overcome all, because greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.

Mу bоdу іѕ healthy; mу mind іѕ brilliant; my soul is peaceful.

I take charge of your life to become a winner.

I refuse to be distracted from focusing on achieving my purpose in life.

I am not a victim because I am a victor.

I am not a victim of accident or coincidences. Halleluiah!

Everything happening now is happening for my ultimate good.

I am the architect of my life. The foundation of my life is rooted on the word of God.

I have a limitless ability to conquer challenges. I have an infinite potential to succeed.

I abandon habits that would stop me from winning in life, I take up positive habits that will catapult me into greatness.

I have creative energy; I have the idea to solve problems.

I am empowered to create the life I desire.

I аm brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

I am a winner, and I will always win.

I do not play for money. I play for glory and win championships. I am a champion in life.

I am a success in life.

I will achieve anything I want in life.

Prosperity flows to and through me.

I have the positive attitude that can bring me success.

I am full of vitality. I am full of confidence. I have a positive attitude.

I am capable to follow my dreams and manifest my desires.

I am prepared for success, love, happiness, peace, joy, and abundance.

I am prepared for my wildest dreams to come true.

I am harder than all the challenges and hurdles lying in my way.

I am capable of attracting daily abundance.

I believe in myself. I believe in my future.

I am open to receiving unmerited opportunities.

I am my best source of motivation.

I am capable of achieving greatness.

I work and attract miracles into my life.

I am capable to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

I am open to limitless possibilities.

I stay focused on my vision and pursue my daily work with passion.

There are no limits to what I can achieve. I continue to soar higher.

I am a strong individual; I attract success and happiness.

The world needs my light and I am ready to shine.

I become more confident, powerful, and successful.

I am worthy of all the good life has to offer; I am a success.

I am always open-minded and eager to explore new opportunities to success.

Everywhere I look, I see prosperity.

I create the life I want and enjoy it because I am a powerful creator.

I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.

I take the boldness and ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world.

Wealth constantly flows into my life.

More doors of abundance are opened for me in life.

I believe that I can do anything.

My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance in Jesus name.

I am living my life in a state of complete abundance.

I am going to achieve all my goals and dreams in life.

I am a goal-getter and I will always work towards achieving my goals.

I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.

I choose positivity instead of negativity.

I choose productivity instead of unproductivity.

I choose success instead of failure.

I choose health instead of sickness.

I choose life instead of death.

…I affirm in Jesus name. Amen!

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