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The Medical and Spiritual aspects of Healing by Apostle Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja (Founder/CEO, Virtual Doctors Limited).

 The Medical and Spiritual aspects of Healing by Apostle Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja (Founder/CEO, Virtual Doctors Limited).

I pray for you, I decree sound health upon your body. From the crown of your head, to the sole of your feet, to the fibre of your being. I cast out the spirit of sickness and infirmity in Jesus name. Say Amen.

Please, as you say the word of God upon your life, please note the follow:

In as much as prayer and Fasting work, you don't need prayer and Fasting to take an already prepared food in plate put before you to enter your mouth when you are hungry. You don't even need to speak the word of God for the food to enter your mouth to quench the hunger. All you need do is to take the food and eat and the problem of hunger is solved.

I want to liken same analogy to your health. Sickness has two major aspects: the physical/medical and the spiritual.

If a sickness is caused by an evil spirit or spiritual attack, the best approach to solving the problem is through supernatural power of God, through prayers, using the word of God, deliverance etc. Medicine cannot explain or solve such problem. Although the effect of the sickness might have affect the physical body which then needs medical treatment. You see it? This requires supernatural healing or with a combination of medical care.

On the other hand, is a sickness is not spiritual, perhaps, it is as a result of physical, environmental, genetic, or other factors, the best approach is to prioritize medical care while not neglecting the spiritual healing. 

Don't just pray and expect the sickness to go when you know it is caused by a known risk factor. For example, you don't need to do fasting and prayers to cast out headaches after you have stressed yourself working or had sleepless nights. All you need to do is to eat, drink water, rest and sleep and probably take pain reliever and you will be fine. Wisdom!

In other situations that require seeing a medical doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment, don't go and collect anointing oil from your pastor and start using, expecting it to solve the problem. Go and see your doctor.... Most of our pastors get medical advice on what to eat or drink, when to rest, the medications to take at different times etc. This is very good for them to be healthy to be able to do the work that has been committed to their hands. Invariably, they may not come and tell the congregation what they do to remaining health. 

So if someone is giving a testimony that he or she has never been to the hospital in the last 10 years, don't be deceived, it could be that the hospital has been in their homes. For example, at Virtual Doctors, our doctors treat patients online. Some patients also book for Doctors treatment at home. So for some minor cases, we have made it possible that people don't have to go to the hospital before they get well.

Most of the foods we eat, especially in Africa are all medicinal. They carry natural biochemicals that are good for the body. God put those useful nutrients in the foods, for us to eat them and meet our health needs. So if someone eats well and is giving a testimony that he or she has never fallen sick, meanwhile you have been eating junk foods and you're having different symptoms in your body, don't feel bad that you don't have faith or that God has not been good to you. You need to do the right thing.


Q: Should you pray when you are not feeling fine? 

A: Yes, pray! 

Q: Should you do spiritual exercises for healing and neglect medical care?

A: No. It is better to combine both for a better result.


1. Lack of money for medical care.

2. Lack of accessibility to healthcare facilities. 

3. Lack of accessibility to the right medical specialists. 

4. Lack of knowledge. 


To solve all the listed problems, Virtual Doctors are available to treat patients online and at home. This medical service is right for the rich and those who don't have enough money to foot their medical bills. 

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